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hedi stelzer sommer 2010
photo taken by pia stelzer 2010

  • born 1954 in Vienna
  • studies of Photography and Composition: University of Illinois, USA
  • self-educated as a painter
  • recognition as Visual Artist by the Federal Ministry of Education and Arts since 1989
  • freelance artist since 1998

photos taken by gabor lessner 2009



about my making pictures …..........

In the beginning there was the acquisition of my darkroom-equipment which met my affinity to experimenting. Made with or without photographic negatives, die works were created by own experimental techniques in the darkroom- and each implemented idea was the origin of the next idea.
I followed up these working principles also during my studies at the University of Illinois, USA, where the emphasis was on acting in one`s own responsibility. The studies were comprised of reflecting about unassisted creations in dicussions with artists of different divisions.
Back from America my creative urge was cut down by the births of my son and my daughter. Nevertheless I kept in touch with visual arts and besides taking care of my children I managed to take the time for slow development. I painted and scratched strips of transparent film and used parts of the transparencies as negatives in the darkroom. Some of the resulting enlargements I coloured with photo-tint. By the time I got closer to painting in this way.

Finally I wanted to leave the photographic process as a starting point and devote my energy to spontaneous painting.
In 1996 a friend made a studio available to me, so I started painting with acrylics. My pictures were varicoloured, the paint was vigorously applied, tossed and sprinkled onto spacious surfaces which I had structured in many variations before. Enjoyment of colourfulness was most important during this period.

The colourful period quietly and unconsciously phased out. Colours and forms became more calm. But still it was important for me to do my work spontaneously, according to instinct, and to get free from manipulative thoughts before starting a creative process.
There is a blue period, then more ivory and black, light and dark sometimes contrast with each other.
Repetition and increasing density of lines shape the picture. There are less structures. Sometimes slopes and dales are used to let lines totter and to achieve drama by deviation from straightness.

After some time interest in photographic processes arose again. Technical possibilities have changed a lot meanwhile. Comparable to what I created in the darkroom in former times, I now can implement visual ideas on the computer. So my former darkroom has changed to a room with computer and pigment ink printer.
I develop new works using photographs (and sometimes photos of works I have made especially for photographing) and then I print them as Fine Art prints.

Hedi Stelzer 2010



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